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In Love with your Calling 



Being a pastor can be joyful, rewarding, and fulfilling. But we all know that there are times when the joy, reward and fulfillment are in short supply.  

A lot has changed in ministry since graduated from seminary over 40 years ago. But one thing that has not changed is that pastors still feel the pressure of serving God while trying to meet a host of competing expectations. That’s a recipe for bailout or burnout.

As your coach, I can help you

  • find renewed passion and joy in your ministry.
  • gain more control over your work and personal life.
  • minister in response to your calling instead of trying to live up to the expectations of others.
  • have more time for your family and yourself by setting  boundaries around your personal and family life.
  • make the changes necessary to move your ministry to a new level.

CONTACT ME TODAY and get started on the road to rediscovering the joy, the reward, and the fulfillment God has in store for you. Let me help you stay sharp, motivated and in love with your calling. 

Call me at 304 613 2870 or leave me a message here. I look forward to hearing from you.


From Pastor Scot Melott - "Cyril's insights and wisdom have greatly bessed me and helped me toward wholeness as a person and a pastor."

From Pastor Scott Whetzel - "Cyril has a very calming demeanor which allows one to be comfortable in sharing and listening when he speaks. He is able to gently guide the conversation and challenge when necessary, in order to lead to deeper self-awareness. I greatly enjoyed having Cyril as my coach and benefitted from my sessions. I would definitely recommend him as a life coach."

From Pastor Jack Hanks - "Cyril is a great coach and has helped me a great deal in becoming a better leader and pastor."

From Mary Alice,  Author, Publisher, Songwriter, Children's Literacy
​Specialist -
​"I was standing at a crossroads, surrounded by the dedicated energy of people at a national conference of children’s educators.  My children’s publishing company held its debut exhibit in the convention center.  In preparing for the event, I identified two associates who were creating a stress drain, and I didn’t know how to proceed.

Cyril asked to introduce me to his work.  He and I had two short sessions, 20-30 minutes each.  In those sessions, I made decisions on two issues I had been wrestling with, one for months and the other for years. . .  I now feel liberated, and have more time and energy to move my company’s work forward."
– Mary Alice Deveny

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