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In Love with your Calling 

How can I Help You?

Here are some of the concerns pastors have shared with me that have led them to seek coaching.

  • I wish I could minister out of my calling and passion.
  • I wish I could minister from my strengths. 
  • I wish I could set some boundaries so that I would have more time for myself and my family.
  • I wonder if I need to change churches
  • I need help dealing with changes that are happening.
  • I want to take my ministry to the next level.
  • I need a trusted listener to help me deal with a few things.

If one of these issues, or some other rissue is nagging at your spirit and holding your ministry back, let me be a prayer/listening partner to help you discover what God is saying to you. Take the first step and schedule an appointment or give me a call and and begin your journey to a more fulfilling ministry.



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