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What Happens in a Coaching Session

Almost all of my coaching is by phone. Sessions usually last 45 - 60 minutes. While each session takes on its own shape and character, here is how a session might flow.

  • Using the session prep form you emailed me earlier, we catch up on what has happened since our last session. We celebrate progress, successes, and take note of difficulties.
  • I ask something like, “What do you want to walk away with at the end of our session today.” Together we establish a coaching agreement which sets the focus of the session and identifies a desired outcome.
  • I listen, ask probing and powerful questions, and note your language as you relate your situation, progress and challenges. As I listen deeply, I remain neutral and curious. I may restate your words and ideas to bring clarity, awareness, and insight. 
  • From this clarity, awareness, and insight comes new perspectives and possibilities which lead to action steps you decide to take after the session. (It is between sessions where the work bears fruit as you act upon what discoveries have come during the session.)
  • To help you with your action steps I will ask something like, “How committed are you to doing that?” or “When will you do it?” or even "How will you begin that conversation?”
  • To wrap up the session I will probably ask about key takeaways.
  • You will leave with hope, resolve, and the knowledge that you are taking steps towards the goals you have set.
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